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Seems to be excellent Ashwagandha - the flavors is sweet - fresh and lightweight and earthy - sufficiently strong that it must be potent, and not so strong it tastes bad. As for the people complaining about the flavor - seriously people? This is surely an herb, not Nestle Quik. Are your palette so warped from sugary, refined food as well as the SAD that natural herbs taste terrible to your account? Get over it already or merely go eat your Twinkies and lose time waiting for Big Pharma to be released which has a pill it is possible to pop. <br />I have been using this since September , came punctually and just not surprisingly but many coming from all it did what I wanted and Yes it worked! I noticed it genuinely helped my body system adjust to stress to be a nightshift worker of 12hours it forced me to be fall a sleep after work and awake night without the need of health conditions! My vital signs 100% God bless fine , I take this inside my water during workout at the same time I had no unwanted effects I drink a whole lot of it exept I seen that I pee frequently and drink more water which can be good actually for kidneys!Ashwaghanda also solved the problem combat Anaxiety as a result of prolonged stressful events. Taking this amazing herb was the top decision I ever produced If you going throw alterations in your lifetime and possess lots stress whilst you still want be fit strong calm and healthy mentally physically take Ashwaghanda.Note: Pregnant /Nursing moms shouldn't take this herb. <br />When I first learned about Ashwagandha, I thought it must be somewhere near Kenya.Then I discovered it had been in lots of super expensive health products, so I looked around correctly by itself. I do not think Amazon's contact at Planetary Herbals might be beaten on price, and I discover that my gout (contracted in China in 1987) is easingup, and my memory is improving! I'm a 69 yr old actor in L.A. and I get lines tolearn in droves occasionally. I wonder if Rick Perry knows about these matters! <br />This is an amazing product. My wife features a few ailments who have greatly improved.She's tried few different brands of Ashwagandha and forms.This is the one containing 1) decreased the length of her enlarged thyroid (goiter). 2) It has also provided us with a great nights sleep &amp; more energy every day 3) She's lost over 15 lbs since taking it and her thyroid levels have reached normal range.She's been investing in this product for any little over 8 weeks. I've been taking it for just a few weeks as well as notice improvements in the manner I feel.This is a great company that sells an outstanding product. <br />I've been using this supplement for approx 10 days. I work a top stress job having a varying working arrangements including 16 hour days. This is surely an Eastern Indian ayurvedic medicine that has been used for 1000 years in India however, there have not been many studies into it. This supplement needs to be carefully researched through ANY prescribed drugs which is counter-indicated for any immunosuppressing drugs or sedatives. As it might counter act the immunosuppressants and cause drowsiness when combined having a sedative. This entails that there work just like studies done on long-term safety of oral consumption carried out in the US.I threw caution for the wind on all of that and figured if this has been being used for 1000 years in India plus the worst side affects are nausea for a lot of and drowsiness if I mix with benedryl that I ought to be relatively safe. I do not take any drugs and I'm generally fairly healthy when you disregard the stress induced hives, eczema, as well as the excess weight in this little backside and thighs. Overall, I've been sleeping better and feeling better. I'm prepared to grab the risk and continue supplementing using this at the very least until I use up. Hoping this helps when I select my yearly physical, I usually find it hard to keep my cholesterol in normal range and I can still use assist with weight-loss.I received the product without cost for my fair and unbiased opinion. I gave this 4 stars since it is critical that those who take regular maintenance medications review this carefully before adding this for . <br />

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