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OpenQbo Distro

OpenQbo Distro is the Linux distro based on Ubuntu 11.10 (Oneiric Ocelot). The customization is based on deleting some desktop applications and programs that are not expected to be used in the robot. Also, some software systems and platforms have been added up, such as ROS robotic platform, the speech recognition system Julius, and the speech synthesis system Festival.


OpenQbo Distro Beta 0.4.1
OpenQbo Distro Beta 0.4
OpenQbo Distro Beta 0.3
OpenQbo Distro Beta 0.2

Qbo Applications

To see a full list of Qbo Apps, click here. You will also find information on how to create and share your Qbo Apps, and a search form to search for the application you are looking for.

Qbo Apps are divided in three categories:

Full Qbo App list

Qbo drivers

Currently, the ROS driver for is the qbo_arduqbo. Click here to learn how it works and to install it.

Firmware for board 1&2:

Firmware for board 3 :

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