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Qbo Apps List

AppCategoryAuthor(s)Date of CreationShort Description
qbo_arduqboROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian Aguilar2012-04-09This package is the ROS serial driver for the controller boards of
qbo_audio_controlROS PackageSergio Merino2012-02-17Node to control the sound devices volume
qbo_brainROS PackageArturo Bajuelos, Sergio Merino2012-02-28Manages several Qbo apps, activating/deactivating dynamically ROS nodes in Qbo
qbo_cameraROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian Aguilar2012-04-10Provides the launcher to the stereo webcam system and a calibration program
qbo_cereal_portROS PackageGonçalo Cabrita, Miguel Angel Julian Aguilar2012-04-10Simple C++ serial port class for ROS.
qbo_face_followingROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-22Move the head and the base of the robot toward the detected face
qbo_face_msgsROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-03-26Defines the ROS messages and services used in the qbo_face_vision stack
qbo_face_recognitionROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-23Learns and recognizes faces
qbo_face_trackingROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2011-11-24Detects and tracks a face in the image and publishes it
qbo_internet_serviceROS PackageSergio Merino2013-01-02
qbo_joy_ctrlROS PackageMartin Zidek2013-05-09
qbo_launchersROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian2012-12-04Launchers and ros init script
qbo_linphoneROS PackageSergio Merino2012-02-20This node is a sip client manager that allow to pick up calls.
qbo_listenROS PackageSergio Merino2011-12-12Qbo_listen is an application for speech recognition
qbo_music_playerROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-28Uses hand gesture recognition to control a music player
qbo_object_recognitionROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-28Learns and recognizes objects
qbo_pymouthROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian Aguilar2012-04-10
qbo_questionsROS PackageSergio Merino, Arturo Bajuelos2012-02-20This package is a simple question/answer node
qbo_random_moveROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian Aguilar, Arturo Bajuelos2012-04-10
qbo_self_recognizerROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-28Uses Qbo's nose signals to verify if a spotted Qbo is a reflection in the mirror
qbo_stereo_selectorROS PackageArturo Bajuelos2012-02-28Uses the camera's stereo to select close objects and move the head
qbo_system_infoROS PackageSergio Merino2012-02-16This package is a service that provide system information
qbo_talkROS PackageMiguel Angel Julian Aguilar2012-04-10Wrapper for the Festival Speech Synthesis System
qbo_webiROS PackageSergio Merino, Daniel Cuadrado, Miguel Julián, Arturo Bajuelos, Daniel Julián2012-11-20Web Interface to interact with the robot
qbo_face_visionROS StackArturo Bajuelos2012-02-20Computer vision algorithms for face tracking, following and recognition.

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