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1. General ROS Package Info

Miguel Angel Julian Aguilar
ROS Package
Provides the launcher to the stereo webcam system and a calibration program

2. Package Summary

The packages provides a launcher that starts the webcams. The default mode is the stereo mode with a 320×240 resolution for each camera. The The launcher also starts the stereo_image_proc ROS node in order to make the stereo processing.

The package also includes a simple calibration program.

3. Dependencies

4. Nodes

4.1 usb_camera_calib_stereo

Subscribed Topics

~stereo/left/image_raw (sensor_msgs::Image)

Left webcam images

Subscribed Topics

~stereo/right/image_raw (sensor_msgs::Image)

Right webcam images

ROS Parameters

~board_width (int, default: 6)

Number of rectangles in the horizontal direction of the calibration pattern

~board_height (int, default: 8)

Number of rectangles in the vertical direction of the calibration pattern

~number (int, default: 9)

Number of images to take in each step. The steps are left webcam calibration, right webcam calibration and stereo calibration

~dimension (float, default: 1.0)

The dimension in meters of the calibration pattern rectangles

5. How to install

6. How to use

7. Troubleshooting

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