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Getting started with

It is highly recommended to change the Webi password. See the Webi Reference Guide for more information on how to do this.

Prepare for first use

  1. Remove the back cover.
  2. Plug a monitor, keyboard and mouse to through the rear panel connectors.
  3. Turn the back security switch to “on”.
  4. Plug the charger to
  5. Press the side switch once and wait for the operating system to load.
  6. You will see the boot menu with several options (OpenQbo, OpenQbo recovery mode, Memory Test, etc). You can just wait 10 seconds until the default option is selected, or select the first option by yourself and press return.

Connect to a Wi-Fi Network using Ubuntu Network Manager

  • Click on the network icon nexto to the robot's username.

  • Select your Wi-Fi network. Click on “More…” if your Network is not in the short list:

  • Insert your Wi-Fi encryption key and click “Connect”.
  • Make sure the Network icon has the “connected” status. will now automatically connect to this network whenever it is in range.

Access the Web Interface and calibrate the cameras

  1. Open Google Chrome from within the robot and insert the following URL in the address bar: “localhost:7070”
  2. Login in the Webi:
    • Insert the robot’s username: “qbobot”
    • Insert the robot’s username password: “QboPass”
    • Insert the robots main password: “admin”
  3. You can also connect to the robot by inserting its IP (see back LCD display) and port 7070 (for eg., in a Web browser in any PC connected to the same network as the robot.
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