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Hardware Releases Basic Kit

The Basic Kit serves as a mounting base to build your as you please. This Kit includes plastic covers, steel chassis, mechanical parts, webcams and wifi antenna. Therefore, you can upgrade it with the servo motors, controller boards, motherboard, microprocessor or memory of your choice, thereby creating a completely customized On this site you will find a list of the components that you can use, recommended and tested by the team of TheCorpora. Complete Lite

A fully assembled It includes an Intel D2700MUD motherboard, an Intel ATOM D2700 microprocessor, 2GB RAM Memory, a 40 GB mechanical disk and it does not include the eyelids mechanism. Complete Pro

A fully assembled It includes a Mini ITX DQ67EP motherboard with an Intel Core I3 low power consumption microprocessor, 2GB of RAM and a 40 GB SSD disk. boards

The robot needs to interact with its surroundings. has some sensors and actuators in order to achieve this goal.

The Q.boards have been designed to acquire the sensors data and make it available for the PC that is embedded in The boards also give the PC the capability to control the actuators of

In order to control the sensors and motors that come with, three boards have been designed. Their names are Q.board1, Q.board2 and Q.board3. has two additional boards whose names are Q.board4 and Q.board5 that serve as an IMU sensor and as the mouth LED matrix respectively.

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Qbo devices

Qbo Basic Platform

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