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Welcome to the OpenQbo Community

Here you can find a bunch of information regarding the OpenQbo projects. You can download the latest OpenQbo Distro or any application you'd like in Qbo Apps. There is also a lot of information regarding our Software and Hardware projects.

If you need help, start by consulting our Support Page, and you if you still don't find help for what you need, feel free to visit and post questions in our forum.

If you want to collaborate, you'll find all the information you need here. Help us with our daily fight of making the robots more intelligent and useful. We are pleased to have you in our team.

Latest Updates

You can see the latest updates here.

Qbo user guides

Qbo developer guides



  • OpenQbo Distro: A linux distribution based on ubuntu for Robotics environment. It includes the ROS robotic software platform, a speech recognition software, a text-to-speech system, and some other features.
  • Qbo Apps: bring life to your Qbo or other robots. You can find all sort of application. Many of them rely on the ROS, developed as ROS Packages or Stacks.
  • Qbo Drivers: Drivers for interactions with the Qbo hardware.

Visit our Software page for more info.


Visit our Hardware page for more info.


Go to our Download Page.

Need Help?

Visit the Support page to find all the help that you need.

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